Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today was not too hot. John had the day off so after I got home from work we all went to Slate Run Farm. It is an historical farm from the 1800's. We got to walk out in the field and pet the horses that were plowing one of the fields. The one horse was named Kate. She was my favorite. The farmer said that 1 horse can plow about 3 acres a day. It was way to smelly to look at the pigs but the lambs were adorable. Right outside the barn in the back were 3 roosters. John insisted that I stand close to them to work on overcoming my fear of birds. I stood as close as I could until I started to get freaked out and then I turned to head back through the barn. Oh my god, there was a rooster right smack in the middle of the path through the barn. Yuck, birds are creepy. I made it past him and endured John making bird noises at me. My favorite part was sitting on the porch talking to one of the farmers about making pickles from the cucumbers she picked in the field. There was a nice breeze that smelled like onions and a cat weaving in between our legs. I asked Samantha what her favorite part was and she said sitting in the shade. The kid would not have made it back in those days. The smell of onions reminded me of Mrs. Kromer. Mrs. Kromer was my parents house keeper when I was little. She lived on a farm. Sometimes I would follow her around. I liked to watch how she did things because it was it different from the way my mom did them and I like that her hands always smelled like onions. Sometimes we would go by Mrs. Kromer's house. She had a hammock and a cat named Punch. She also had the Sears catalog and we would make paper dolls out of them.

I love coincidences. On the trip to the farm we listened to the soundtrack from the movie Madagascar. Song #3 is the theme song from Hawaii 5 0. We played that song over about 4 times and I asked John what the show was about, I've never seen it. (Mom didn't believe in children watching TV because it rots your brain.) So now, as I type this we are watching TV and they had a commercial for Hawaii 5 0 on DVD. Cool.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching John's old home movies from the 1980s. And then some of ours from the 90's. There were some good ones of my rabbit, Murray and the cat, Mr. Marshal. We called Samantha in to see if she recognized daddy over 20 years ago and she didn't.

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