Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Last night we went in to the carnival but there was no one there except the carnival workers so we didn't stay. Every carnival worker was calling out to us to come play a game: "bring your little girl over and she gets a prize every time..." It kind of creeped us out. Several of the officers John works with were camped out at the carnival so we stopped to talk for a while.

For dinner we went to Sonic. I've been through the drive-thru for a drink but have never eaten there for the full Sonic experience. It sure was something. We felt like idiots because we didn't know how the whole thing worked. But, our waitress was really nice. Oops, I mean our car hop. It certainly was interesting but we totally don't get the whole thing... the food wasn't that good.

After Sonic we went by the new Wal Mart and oh my, the place is totally trashed. It was awful, sort of frightening. There were boxes waiting to be stocked strewn everywhere and stuff from the shelves thrown on the floor and then there were the people. Oh the people... there were all sorts of trashy people in there but one family in particular totally fascinated me... their child, about 7, was barefoot. Barefoot in the grocery store. And she was all dirty. You know the kind of dirty kids get after eating a popsicle and the dirt sticks to the part that dripped all over them. People totally fascinate me, I could sit in a place like that for hours and just watch. Oh, and then there was the woman in the checkout line who's little girl, maybe 3, was out in the exit part where everyone was pushing their carts out of the store. The mom was paying and completely ignoring her kid who had thrown herself down on the floor in front of the 25 boxes of watermelons and was kicking and screaming. So, everyone had to maneuver around her.

After we got home Jess and the kids came over. Nick likes to chase cars. I always ask him if he is a dog. Well, the girls joined him and all 3 of them would run off down the sidewalk chasing cars and barking. A bunch of crazies I tell you. They didn't stay long because I had to watch the new episode of "The Closer". This season is the best. I loved the first season but then wasn't so into it last season but this one is really good and last night's episode was one of the best.

So, today at work Beth had flowers on her desk. They were beautiful and they were from Jeff. What's up with that? Lynn said that they went out last week. Hhhmmm.... I am so curious. Our power went out and then our phone lines went out. It was somewhat annoying since I only work until 1pm in the summers and I needed to get a big head start on the trip for next week because I am taking Thursday off. I always take the 5th off because we stay out late on the 4th foe the fire works. Oh, and while I am on the topic of work I have to write about the new guy, Mark and his annoying habit of saying,"hey, what's up?". He'll say this to you about 50 times a day. Okay, so 50 is maybe an exaggeration but 25 is not. It is the most annoying thing and I never know what to say.

Well, I must say, we have the ultimate display of white trash-ness in our front yard. We have learned from the best and the students have surpassed the masters. John painted the garage floor today so he moved everything out and onto the driveway, the trash can, the tool box and the refrigerator. So, he had a bunch of water and pop in the refrigerator that he is going to take to work tomorrow for the 4th and he wanted it all to stay cold so he plugged in the refrigerator with a big 'ol extension cord right there in the driveway!

John called a few minutes ago. He is on his way to the jail with a prisoner. The funny part about that is that today is Red White and Boom the Midwest's largest display of fireworks. The riverfront is packed with thousands of people from about noon on and guess what, the jail is right there in the midst of it all. John did not see the humor in this. I told him he has a red & blue blinkie light on the top of his police car for a reason but he said it would make no difference at all. I guess there's no coming between Midwesterner's and their fireworks. Samantha and I don't go to Red White & Boom because it is way too crowded. We will watch them on TV though. And then we will go to the fire works tomorrow on the 4th which is my absolute favorite holiday.

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Jessica said...

Hey Kate thanks for visiting my blog...I'm baaaack!

Your post about Walmart is fascinating. DH and I live in a rural area surrounded by small towns and one small city--Gville. Anyway, in this one small one-horse town, well half-horse town, there's a Wally World supercenter! Man there is nothing better for entertainment than sticking a one stop shopping place like that in the middle of redneckville. Anyway, DH and I made the mistake of going grocery shopping there once on the day after Thanksgiving. It was atrocious...people fighting over stuff, shoving each other, being rude and nasty. It was awful. A perfect example of uncivilized behavior at its best. On any given Saturday you can go there and see the mothers and their brood, dirty, shouting, kids running around, mothers threatening to beat the crap outta their kids. And the daddies are outside smoking a cigarette or chewing tobacco with the other guys comparing the size of their pick up trucks.

That's the funny thing--these folks don't have the money to properly clothe their children, they don't have the good sense to teach their children discipline and manners, but they sure do drive some nice big trucks eh?

I'd like to think that there's such entertainment in the city but I doubt it!