Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear Samantha,

Nine years ago today at this very time, 11:55am, you were born. The nurse told me I had to wait until afternoon to have my c-section because Dr. Perez had another surgery to do. I told her that this wouldn't work because I had to be out of the hospital by Sunday morning because I had a party to throw for Daddy. She did not think this was a very good reason to HAVE A C-SECTION NOW and told me the only way I could GO NOW was if my water broke. No sooner had she left the room than my water really did break. I called her back into the room and told her. She didn't believe me until she saw the puddle on the floor. So off we went for you to be born. When Dr. Perez made the first incision I didn't believe it was really happening because I couldn't feel a thing. Daddy took a picture. Then a little while later at exactly 11:55am Dr. Perez told Daddy to get his camera ready because you were about to be born. He made the final cut and you popped out butt first. You literally made a popping noise! Daddy cut the cord and a nurse took you away to clean you up, wrap you in a blanket and put a little hat on you. After I got back to our room i got to hold you and you we, as you still are, the most beautiful baby in the entire world. I love you!


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