Friday, June 15, 2007

Wal Mart had some really nice looking cherries and I got 2 pounds this afternoon when Samantha and I went grocery shopping. It must have been quite a site to see us walking through the parking lot, pushing our cart to the car and spitting out our cherry seeds.

It was really nice this afternoon so we opened up the windows. It was nice for a while but then it got too hot. John has a migraine so he stayed home from work. I probably made his head worse by having the windows open but it was unintentional.

We had Tammy over for bratwurst before we went for a bike ride (sans John). Tammy wouldn't eat the bratwurst, instead she brought a salad, because she thinks that they look like old man penises. So, now I have to eat bratwurst without looking at them. After we ate we loaded our bikes, Tammy's, Samantha's and mine into the back of my Element. To do so I had to put up both of the back seats. So, while we are loading the bikes Samantha says: "What about me, where am I going to sit?" Ooops, 3 people and 2 seats... But, by the time we got the bikes in, with me in the back of the Element and Tammy on the outside handing the bikes in, well, I was stuck in the back. So, I stayed where I was, Tammy drove and Samantha got to ride shot gun. We went to Pickerington Ponds and rode about 6 miles. What's really pathetic is not being able to keep up with a 9 year old on a Barbie bike! When we were done with our ride we went to the observation area overlooking the marsh. We saw 3 deer and and osprey in a giant nest. At first we thought it was an eagle but there really aren't any eagles around here. Then a woman came along and told us it was an Osprey: I can't wait to go back and see that bird again. Then we get back to the car. Samantha is already in so Tammy and I load the bikes in. I get on the inside again and she hands them in to me and oh my god, I got stuck, really stuck with my arm up over the front of my bike and the front tire of Tammy's bike in my back. Tammy asks if she should pull the one bike out but it was stuck too so I told her she'd better just get in and get home quickly before all my circulation got cut off. She tries to shut the back end of the Element but it won't close so she left it open and jumped in the Element... only she had forgotten that she had moved the drivers seat all the way up for more room so when she jumped in she jammed her knees against the steering wheel. At that point we all lost it and could not stop laughing all the way home. Samantha got on the cell phone and called John to tell him he'd better meet us in the driveway because mommy's stuck in the back with the bikes. As I sit here writing this I can feel how messed up my back is from being all contorted and I know tomorrow my legs will feel awful from the bike ride. (It took me a while to realize that when it's too hard to pedal one just needs to shift to a lower gear, duh.)

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