Friday, June 22, 2007

I am sitting on the deck, listening to jazz and the sound of birds while watching Samantha play in the back yard. And, thanks to a black man and some chicken it is a lovely evening and I am in a great mood. Work sucked this week. I had a particularly difficult trip to orchestrate and everyone at one point or another pissed me off. This afternoon Samantha and I went to Wal Mart. On the way I complained to her about how everyone was acting particularly stupid, moronic and just down right dumb. We finished our shopping and as I was loading the groceries into the car I smelled some really good chicken. I looked around an saw it belonged to an elderly black man who was eating it in the bed of his beat up old pick up truck. he said hello and I told him his chicken smelled good. And he said, "I have an extra piece. Would you like to have it?" Right then and there I wanted to run over and hug him for restoring my faith in humanity. People are not stupid morons and life is good. As we pulled out of the parking lot we left him sharing his chicken with one of the Wal Mart employees who has to go round up all the carts. I hope he made that guys day too.

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