Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yesterday after work I went by and picked up Tara for a play date with Samantha. (For the summer she goes to Kelly's work at the preschool.) Anyway, Hottie Dad pulled up right behind me to pick up his kid. He's so hot.

Before we went to kids night at Skyline we were all out in the front yard and 2 fire trucks and a squad went by and stopped at the end of the block. It's funny how everyone comes out to see what's going on when they hear sirens. Kids chase the engines like they were ice cream trucks and the neighbors you never see outside suddenly appear. It's the best time to catch up on the neighborhood gossip:
  • Jennifer finally had her baby, a boy 5 days old. I think she said his name is Logan.
  • The people with the pit bull who's in a cage in their garage 24/7 actually have 5 pit bulls. There is totally no reason for that. Every time I see the one in the cage with no water or anything I just want to put those people in a cage like that and see how they like it. They are idiots and one of those dogs is going to hurt someone.
  • There was an attempted child abduction in the back of our neighborhood. I know this tid bit is true because Kelly said she saw it on the news and they warned parents at her pre-school. It was an 11 year old boy and a woman tried to get him in her van. He ran and hid. Denise went on and on about how her son is 11 and how heinous it is that someone is out there like that in our neighborhood. (Heinous was my word not Deniese's. I doubt she know the meaning.) Um, hello, she has absolutely no room to talk since her kids have been roaming the neighborhood doing god knows what totally unsupervised for years. Not to mention playing smack in the middle of the street. Oh, don't get me started on that...

Well, enough about yesterday and on to today... This afternoon Samantha and I went to the pool for the first time this summer. She had the best time. I read and watched people. I made several observations. One that was reconfirmed is that I don't like other people's children, just my own and Tara. Tara seems like my own. Other people's kids are icky and wild. I also noticed that a lot of kids are really overweight. I felt bad for some of the girls because I bet they get made fun of. I hope Samantha never gets made fun of and if she does she has the ability to handle it with grace. I also hope she is never one who makes fun of other kids either. That's almost as bad. I truly believe she will turnout okay because she seems like a pretty normal kid. She is not a leader but in no way is he a follower either. She doesn't seem to need approval from others and she doesn't mind doing her own thing.

Well, I'm off to watch my 2 new shows: "Army Wives" and "The Starter Wife". Tonight will be the first time I've seen "Army Wives" but Ellen assured me it is really good and then it is the second episode of "The Starter Wife" which was really good last week. Plus, I love Debra Messing.

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