Friday, June 1, 2007

Yesterday was Snofie's last day of second day and I didn't cry until we got home and I was going through her book bag. She brought home her school box, her poem book, her math journal and the last of the things she had in her desk. Then I saw her report card. She got all A's just as she has all year but for some reason this is what made the tears start rolling. I stood there holding her report card, crying and I said,"come here sweet pea." She looked at me strangely and I'm sure she wondered if she had gotten a bad grade or something. I stood there and hugged her. Snofie is the best kid ever!

Snofie read me some of the poems from her poem book and showed me the pictures she had drawn to go along with each poem.

This evening we went to Chestnut Ridge park and took a walk. It is so amazingly beautiful there and all throughout the woods we could smell the wild honeysuckle. About mid-way through our walk we stopped and pinkie promised that we would come here and walk together 3 times a week this summer. It will be our mother - daughter relaxing, good for the soul & body time.

The quote up at the church says: " Where you tend roses, thistles cannot grow."

Yesterday my voice was a little hoarse and today it is completely gone. I came in to work because I feel okay but I think I have strep throat. Kim called for me and made an appointment with the doctor.

You know, sometimes I think that people who say mean things only do so because they do not feel very good about themselves. You know, those people who are always looking for attention, who are all about the drama and never have anything nice to say. Someone said something to me, in front of a group of people, yesterday that was not very nice at all. I spent a good deal of time being very angry over the whole thing. Then I talked to Kelly who, not knowing what had happened to me, started telling me about a woman she works with who never lets anything anyone says bother her. She is so confident in herself that she has no use for other's criticism. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thus my new outlook is: I have no use for other's negativity or criticism!

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