Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ugh... I need a break to wake myself up a little bit. A walk with Sue would be nice but I am totally lacking any motivation needed to make this happen. My right leg is asleep and is tingling. At work I sit like a pretzel. I tuck one leg underneath me and cross the other leg over top of the underneath one. It is surprisingly comfortable as well as giving me a slight boost in the height department. The only problem is that if you don't switch out the leg that is underneath fairly frequently both legs fall asleep. Did I mention how tired I am? I want to take a nap but I don't think I will be able to this afternoon. Now that Snofie is out of school for the summer I work until 1pm. Today we are picking up Snofie's friend Ann for a play date. I don't like to nap, really fall asleep, when Snofie has a friend over in case something were to happen. Then last night, when I was wide awake, I suggested to Sally, Ann's mom, that we go hiking at Chestnut Ridge around 5:30pm. At this point I don't think I'd make it even half way up the first hill! But, as tired as I am I suspect that John is 4 times more so... he had to be in court this morning by 8:00am and then has to work his regular shift until 11:00pm. Poor PoPo Pop.

I finally watched the first of the Pirates of the Carribean movies... The Black Pearl. It was really good. Snofie liked it too and she seemed to understand most of it which was good since I didn't and would have been annoyed had she asked a lot of questions. When I think of that movie I think of Jennifer. When I first met Jennifer, when Snofie first started her art lessons at the town hall, she had been talking to Suzy, the art teacher about substitute art teaching. Suzy mentioned that there was one school where the few times she has subbed there each time the MRDD students had been in their classroom watching the Pirates of the Caribbean. For some reason at the time we found this highly amusing. I can't recall why exactly but for months after that Jennifer and I had this whole pirate thing going.

All around the screen of my computer I have little cut outs from my favorite comic strip: Get Fuzzy. Whenever one of the characters says something really great I cut out the frame and tape it up. Here are some of my favorites:

Bucky: I'm not God you filthy, stupid moron! I'm stuck!

Bucky: Oh, sure, you can make anything into sushi with a good knife.

Bucky: I am Bucky Katt...pie master.

Satchel: Oh, how pretty my parasol is!

Bucky: Fire in the hole!
Rob: Lunatic in the hall.
Satchel: Satchel on the couch!

Rob: I'll ask you plainly: Do you believe in an infallible power?
Satchel: You mean like Google?

Satchel: Holy Fanny Feathers!

Bucky: You're a Mesopotamian Fertility Doll and I'm a hammer-wielding looter.

Bucky: Your end justified my mean.

Satchel: Your dirt bag architect bit me on the ear.

They make me smile!

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