Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. - Mahatma Gandhi

Yesterday was nice. In the evening around dusk we all went back to Pickerington Ponds to see the osprey. It was a great viewing time. We saw: the mommy, daddy and baby osprey, 3 does and a fawn, 3 egrets and 2 great blue herons. There was another couple there who knew a lot about the osprey which was great. When we got home it was about 8:30pm. John went into his den / man cave and I sat out in the hammock while Samantha played in her play house. It was a real ode to technology as John and I were IM-ing back and forth and Tammy and I were emailing back and forth yet I was able to enjoy sitting by myself in our beautiful back yard. It's perfect because Samantha likes me to be outside with her but she very much prefers to play by herself. The tree by her playhouse this evening was alive with just about every bird in the neighborhood! They all come to that particular tree at night to sleep and as they are settling down it is quite noisy. Sometimes the fight an one will come flying out of the tree madly chirping. And, Samantha said while she was in the upstairs part of her playhouse that she, every once in a while, saw poop dropping out of the tree. All the poop lands on the park bench we have under the tree. It kind of sucks but I don't want to move the bench because it looks so nice there under the tree. Tammy and I were emailing about the white trash party going on at our neighbors house, the one where the single mom lives with her frequently rotating roommates and boyfriends. She's the one who leaves her daughter home alone to roam the neighborhood unsupervised for hours on end. She is all alone during the summer as well and she's only 10 or 11. This has been going on for several years since they have lived here and it makes me so very angry. That girl is going to get into trouble or something is going to happen to her. How is a child supposed to learn how to behave and grow up with out an adult along side her... not that her mother is anyone I'd choose as a role model but... you know what I mean. When I sit out front some evenings I watch her and it makes me so sad. Anyway they were having a party... Now, most of the homes in our neighborhood have really nice backyards that have decks or patios and pretty landscaping... so, I really don't understand why the had pulled their grill around front and were having the party in their garage and driveway. All the cars were parked in the driveway and several motorcycles were up on the sidewalk. It just looked real white trash like complete with men wearing either wife beaters or no shirts. Tammy and I commented on how as icky as they are they were rather quiet.

Samantha and I went over to Jess' house to visit. It was the first time I'd been in her house and I love the way she's decorated. The kitchen and family room is a dark pink rose color. It's a very awesome color even it sounds icky when you say pink or rose... Then she has a coffee theme to the accessories. I also really liked the way she has the family room set up. The space is really long and narrow but the way she did it looks great. We had loaned her "Cold Creek Manor" which she enjoyed. She loaned us "The Messengers" and said it was similar to "Cold Creek Manor" and it shared one of the same actresses. So, about 10pm John, Samantha and I all met in the big bed and watched it. It was awesome, really scary. I think John was the most frightened out of all of us. Samantha and I thought that was really funny. Afterward Samantha kept running around like the dead people who climbed on the walls. It looked so real the way she was doing it that we both got creeped out and made her stop. That movie was really good. As I sit here typing this on Sunday I'm thinking about it again and how totally creepy it was. I need to loan "Darkness" to Jess because it fits right in there with "The Messengers" and "Cold Creek Manor".

Today, Sunday, we had family clean the house day which probably sucked for John with it being father's day but it was his idea. Normally Samantha and I would have continued with whatever we had been doing and let him clean by himself but today we decided to help him. I used the handy dandy Hoover wet jet vacuum on all the floors, the one that vacuums, scrubs and sucks up all the water, and Samantha cleaned all the windows, mirrors and counters. We had invited Rose over for dinner to celebrate Samantha's birthday at 2pm but she always shows up early. She came over a noon. I don't care that she comes over early but I get annoyed because she expects to eat as soon as she gets there. None of us were ready to eat so we all went to the farm market. Everything was so fresh today. The strawberries were huge and perfectly red. The blueberries were huge. The lemons, green beans, squash, tomatoes, watermelon and every other vegetable imaginable were all amazing looking. And, all their plants were buy one get one free. We got: blueberries, watermelon, honey candy, Guggisberg Swiss cheese and some annuals. The Johnny Jump Ups that we have on the front porch are looking a little sad. They are still all in bloom but they have grown so tall that they don't stand up on their own anymore. When we got back I started dinner. I made a pasta salad last night and there was enough left over for today. I made John's favorite potatoes and I tried a new BBQ chicken recipe that I found in Rachel Ray's magazine. (I love her.) The sauce for the chicken consisted of: onions, garlic, honey, hot sauce, chili powder and lemon and you topped it off with grilled pineapple. For dessert I made a cheese cake which is John and Samantha's favorite. While I was cooking Linda, Ray and Kyle came over. Linda brought Max. He is too cute and John didn't even seem to mind having him in the house. I can never remember what kind he is... he's a Norwich Terrier.
After we ate we took Rose to see the osprey and while we were there we ran into a park ranger who told us that the baby will learn to fly around mid July. I hope we get to see that. We were going to have the cheese cake when we got home but Rose said she wanted hers to go. Sometimes I feel bad because she doesn't like to be away from home for very long. You'd think she was 80 not 66. Samantha enjoyed having her there even though it was short. She brought Samantha some Web Kinz and a kit to make your own Build-A-Bear. The kit is really neat because the animals zip up so you can re-stuff them over and over again.

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