Monday, June 4, 2007

On Friday evening John, Snofie and I went for a walk at Chestnut Ridge. John thought it was a beautiful as we do. He kept saying, "next time I'll have to bring my camera." That's the same thing Snofie and I said the other evening. Toward the end I gave Snofie a piggy back ride because her legs were tired and boy was that good exercise carrying a 54 pound weight.

On Saturday Kelly and I went (with the kids too) to Ciera's graduation party. Sean was so cute, he wore a suit with a Hawaiian shirt. I love how kids have a mind of their own. The party was nice even though Kelly and I didn't know anyone except Ciera.

Saturday evening John finished up the fire pit area. It looks so good. So, the last yard project this year is to put the hammock on posts instead of the huge cumbersome frame.

On Sunday we all went to Cops & Kids day with Kelly and her family and then we went to lunch at Las Margaritas. Snofie played at Tara's the rest of the day. For dinner I tried a new recipe: Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs. You marinate the chicken in Greek vinaigrette dressing and mayonnaise and then top with lemon at the very end. They were quite yummy and I loved the lemon on top.

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