Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm sad... there is something wrong with my laptop. Every time I log on to the internet and get settled into a site it boots me off. John looked at it but concluded that we need Ryan, our computer geek nephew to fix it. So, if I want to blog I must do it from the man cave for a while, no more blogging from the deck, the front porch, the couch in front of the TV or my bed. {Big Sigh} I suppose I will call Ryan this weekend. Speaking of the deck, the other evening I was sitting outside admiring the pots of wildflowers that Samantha and I planted this spring. And, i noticed a funny looking white cocoon like thing on the screen next to one of the pots. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was a spider's nest. How cool. The mother sat on top of the cocoon thing and there were about 25 babies coming out of the one side of the cocoon. The babies were so tiny. Samantha brought out her magnifying glass and we watched them up close. Now, several days later they have left the nest and I suppose are all grown up. And continuing on with the animal theme Samantha and I spent the morning watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. They had a show about the Pygmy elephants of Borneo. It was really interesting.

Kelly and the kids have been doing this thing called Geocaching and they took us along with them to find a cache last Wednesday. ( It was pretty cool and I think we are going to try it. We'll try it for a while without a GPS and then if we like it maybe we will get one to find the harder stuff.

This week has been terribly hot an humid. I think we were spoiled by the 80 degree beautiful weather we had in June and July. I have had either a sinus or migraine headache this week and have done little more than sleep and lie on the couch and watch TV. I even called off work on Thursday. I normally wouldn't have been able to call off on a Thursday but this was a light week.

Samantha has done the most creative thing with 2 of her WebKinz. Scruffy and Snowball got married. There is no actual wedding in WebKinz world but she made one up. She had a minister and a flower girl and she invited Tara's WebKinz over for it. Now she has made them a "home" in her bedroom to play with when she is not logged on to the computer. She made food to put in their kitchen. She found doll clothes that fit them. They have a bed and a car. And, my favorite part is the TV she made them. She cut a frame out of paper and hung it on the wall. Then she made different shows that she drew out on paper and then inserts behind the screen. There is a cooking show, the news, the weather and baseball.

I am so thankful that Samantha and I have a close relationship. I am thankful that she is a nice, kind and wonderful kid. And I hope she is thankful to have parents that are involved in her life. Ok, I am going somewhere with this... while out on the deck the other evening I listened to some of the neighborhood children play. There are 3 families in our general vicinity who provide practically no supervision for their children. So, the other evening they were out hitting a baseball with a bat. We live in a neighborhood where the homes are pretty small and quite close together so you can imagine what might happen when kids hit a baseball with a bat... car or house... In this case it was house. The ball was continually bounced off the model home behind ours. I wonder what part of bouncing a baseball off of a house sounds like a good idea. It was a lovely evening and there were birds singing in the trees and then every so often a big loud thud as the baseball hit the model house. The group consists of 2 girls and 4 boys and one child whom Samantha and I can't figure out. Then I hear one of the boys say: "you are a fat ugly bitch." And, you know they went right on playing together like saying that was totally acceptable. How sad for those children that no one has taught them one, not to say something like that and two, that it's ok to continue right along as though the other child had just said something like, "hey, how's it going." So, I sat there thinking about how awful these children are and then realized that they are awful because their parents are awful as well.

And, speaking of awful... remember the shirtless hill billy. Well, we were talking to one of the neighbors the other evening and she said that Shirtless had backed out of his driveway into her husband's car. When they got out to see what was wrong Shirtless was completely trashed. Jess said he reeked of alcohol and begged her not to call the police. She said he would need to pay for the damages and he said fine. Then about that time Shirtless' ex-wife, Big Boob Hill Billy, came out and stated screaming at Jess. She went on about how the whole this was bull and how Jess was bull etc. etc. All the while Jess is thinking, it's your drunk ex-husband who hit me! And, he's drunk and he's driving... and you are yelling at me. So, Jess is telling us this story and all of a sudden we hear a crash... Big Boob Hill Billy backed into her mail box. It was absolutely priceless! I suppose every neighborhood has a few Hill Billies, I am just thankful that ours only has three. Three is not enough to make you want to move but it is enough to keep things interesting.


gmcountrymama said...

Hi, I was very excited when I saw your comment. You made my night. How did you find me? I visited you from work tonight but I am unable to comment from the hospitals comp.
My daughter is nine also and loves her Webkins. We have a problem though,because of our slow dial-up,it takes hours just to visit the website. I am getting satelite internet soon!
Do any of your hillbillies have Bulls Balls on their trucks?

Edna B said...

I feel the same about my daughter (8 years old) and feel completely blessed when I witness other kids behaviour. These kids usually grow up to be average parents and the whole thing perpetuates itself.