Thursday, November 1, 2007

I have never really stressed the whole "family dinner" thing partly because John has worked 2nd shift for Samantha's entire life and because well, Samantha and I are sort of grazers. But after tonight's dinner I am a huge fan. We had ham, stuffing, mixed vegetables and some really good French bread. We played guess the state... Samantha formed the shape of various US states out of ham! It was great, a ham Texas, a ham New York, a ham West Virginia. And the funny thing is John and I could actually recognize the states! Then John wanted to play too but he'd eaten all his ham so he formed Michigan out of his stuffing. John's on day shift for 2 more months, I wonder what's next?

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Jessica said...

Hiya Kate. I am glad you're enjoying the family dinners. When I was growing up, we always had dinner together. Even though mom and dad both worked, when they got home, mom would begin fixing a regular dinner--potatoes/rice, veggies, and meat/chicken or whatever. Very rarely did we have a TV dinner. Mom is a great cook!

Jamie Lee Curtis does these great commercials promoting family dinner time. I think it's great. I do believe that sitting down at the table together makes a family stronger and healthier. So keep us posted, I am glad you're enjoying it!