Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not only is today Thanksgiving but it is also my 39th Birthday. Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday, my favorite being the 4th of July. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy is the absolute best meal there is. And pie, I can't forget about pie!

John worked today, 7am to 3pm so Samantha and I were still asleep when he left. We got up to make coffee in time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We love, absolutely love parades. After the parade there was a Law & Order marathon on in honor of my Birthday. (Oh ok, maybe it was in honor of Thanksgiving...)

Kelly and the kids came over to drop off my birthday present. She got me the cutest pig tin from Fern's Attic, one of our favorite stores in town. She said she knew she wanted to get me the pig tin because of the pig I have hanging in my kitchen. The kitchen pig is a rustic wood pig that says Hog Inn. I love my pig tin.

For Thanksgiving dinner we went to Deana's house. She lives right behind the police station and every year she and her sister, Amy, cook for their family and the officers. Her family is involved in town politics and her sister is a teacher in town so all the officers know her family so it's like a huge family gathering.

Before Deana's we went by the station to get John but he had to work overtime so we went on without him. He had 2 kids who stole a bike that he had to deal with. We were working on dessert by the time he got there. And guess what, he had a cake for me and everyone sang Happy Birthday. Yum, cake and pie!

We left about 6pm. We'd been home a few hours when we all decided we were hungry again. We seriously considered driving back in to Deana's for another round.

John and Samantha gave me a 2008 Get Fuzzy calendar. They give it to me every year and it is the best! They also gave me a food processor. I have been wanting one along with Jessica Seinfeld's cook book which I am going to go get next week. Tasey has it and brought it to Skyline one week so I could look through it and it's awesome. I want to make the brownies with spinach in them.

It was a great Birthday and Thanksgiving and I am thankful for such an amazing family and such great friends.

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