Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So, I started the scarf for my mom for Christmas and I discovered half way through that I don't have enough yarn. The yarn I got was on clearance and I got the last 2 rolls. So, my plan is to get some different yarn for mom and use the really short scarf for one of my bears.

I talk to Mom everyday on the way to work I talk to my mom. This morning she wasn't home so I called my dad at his office and talked to him instead. Usually dad is not all that talkative but today he was. I told him about the show I watched on the History Channel about cities of the underworld. This one was on Hitler's Germany and the bunkers he built under Berlin. Dad said that during the war they had delivered a carrier of aircraft to France and they got to see one of the bunkers built by the Germans. He said it was so creepy that he went out that night and got so drunk that the guys had to carry him back to the ship and he missed going to Paris the next day. I love stories that put a personal face to history.

Yesterday we had a plumber come out to fix one of the toilets and something quite perplexing happened. to preface the story though I must say that someone coming into our house would probably be able to guess John's profession but not exactly where he works. So, the plumber comes in the house and says, "are you a police office for the city of ______?" John didn't remember him and the "dealings with the law" that he told John about didn't involve John so we are totally wondering how he knew. If I had been there I would have asked him but I wasn't home yet. John of course didn't ask...

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