Sunday, November 4, 2007

John and Ryan are attempting to move our HUGE curio cabinet from our hallway upstairs to the man cave downstairs. Upstairs it had all of John's police figurines in it but he wants to put it downstairs with all his Road Champs police car collection. He has about 300 of the little cars and he wants to put more shelves in the cabinet to display them all. I asked why he couldn't do the police cars upstairs but he said he really really wanted them downstairs and he really really wanted them in said curio cabinet. The problem is it doesn't fit. They already took the door frame off and the hand railing on the stairs off. Now they are trying to take the really well made cabinet apart. Not only is it nailed but it is also glued together. I absolutely hate watching people move furniture so I went in to take a bath when they first started. But when my hands and feet got all prune like I had to get out. Plus I was all dizzy from being in hot water for so long. When I came out they were in the middle of taking it apart. Samantha had been downstairs but she had to get them to let her up because she had to poop. (That's my girl!) As I sit typing this I hear hammering and drilling and I am scared. If they put a hole n the wall I will kill them both. Tune in tomorrow to see what happened. I hope to have before and after pictures.

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gmcountrymama said...

OH NO, I hope it all worked out and they put no holes in the wall!