Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Samantha has a big reading project due on Friday so she's in the big bed finishing up the book. She is reading a book called "Stone Fox" about a sled dog. I started reading it and told her I wanted to finish it up when she was done tonight. She told me that Brianna cried at the end. I cry at almost anything so I told her to forget it, I didn't want to read it anymore. So, she comes out and asks me about a sentence she doesn't understand: She died instantly. Oh my God, the freakin dog dies just as it crosses the finish line of the big race! I cried of course and so did Samantha.

I am so very thankful that she enjoys doing her homework and takes doing her work seriously.

Flurries were spotted in Columbus today. It's cold but I seem to be getting used to it even after only two days of cold.

John stayed home from work sick today. He thinks he is going to die. I told him to take some Airborne but he says he won't take anything "hokey" like that. I said, "what's the difference if you are going to die anyway."

Kelly and I took the kids to Skyline for kids night. We have a new friend who meets us there every Wednesday. Her name is Tasey. (Like Tasty but without the second "t".) We have the best time chatting while the kids do their thing.

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