Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I think I've mentioned the little girl who sometimes waits with our little group at school, the girl who is quite annoying. Anyway, I was thinking about her today and how much younger she seems than all the other 3rd graders. It made me reflect on how thankful I am that we didn't start Samantha too early.

After work I cashed my Birthday check from my parents. I put half in our saving account and then bought the Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook and a really cool map with part of the rest. I can't wait to read through the cookbook and make some of the recipes.

This evening Lee and Tammy came over for dinner. (Police department Tammy, not neighbor Tammy...) Tammy had never been over before. John had been talking about her a lot so we decided to have her over. I'm glad we did, she is really nice. We invited her partner, PJ but she was out of town with work so she will come over next time. Tammy brought us flowers, yellow roses. It was so nice.

It was nice to get to know Tammy better. She spent 14 months in Iraq, I did not know that. It was really interesting learning about what it's like over there.

Lee left around 10pm and Tammy stayed until 12am! I went to bed about 11pm and then she and John went down to the man cave to talk about work.

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