Friday, May 11, 2007

As Snofie and I pulled out of our neighborhood this morning we saw a hot air balloon. It was right in line with our route to go pick up Tara for school and as we went right under it Snofie could see it perfectly looking out the sun roof. I love spring.

John asked when strawberrypicking starts. I had forgotten that it is almost that time!

Yesterday Kelly and I met the kids after school and went to the girls' art show and then to the book fair. They had a cake decorating contest and Tara won a gift certificate for the book fair. The theme was a cake based on a children's book. Tara's cake was a typewriter from the book Clack Clack Moo and it was fantastic!

After that we all had a quick dinner at McDonald's because the husbands were working and we did not feel like making dinner. Oh, I just remembered, Kelly had wanted to take the girls picture next to the big wiener. Hearing her say that cracks me up. There is a giant cheese cony blow up thing out in front of Skyline! I thought it was a baked potato but it's a wiener.

Snofie finished her reading challenge for Right to Read Week at school. I am so proud of her because she only had 2 days to complete it. I had told her it was okay if she didn't finish it but she said she really wanted to try. I explained that she only had 2 days and so she would need to budget her time wisely and she did. Last night when we got home from McDonald's she went in and finished her reading before she asked to go outside and play.

Snofie played in the front last night and I eventually went out to sit with her. When I went out the little girl down the street (family who recently moved into Dave & Gretchen's house) was across the street riding her bike. Every time she rode by Snofie she would stop and look across at her. Her mom and I noticed this was going on about the same time so we introduced the girls and they played.

While the girls played I talked to Jess (Hannah's mom). Wow, she's young, 26... makes me feel old! She seems nice and the girls seemed to get along well. After they played outside they asked if they could go in and play in Snofie's room. I was really surprised because Hanna's little brother went in with them and there were no issues. He seems a bit wild so I thought Snofie would not want him messing with her stuff. I asked her about him later and she said it was fine. That's cool. Hanna is 6 and Snofie is 8 so I don't know that they will be really close but I think it will be nice for Snofie to have someone right across the street to play with.

Jess said something funny: she mentioned that she was curious about Tammy. She said that Tammy had told them that they needed to stop mowing on her property, stop letting their dog out with out a leash or it was going to get hit by a car and that they needed to put up a fence and stop driving up over the curb when they pulled out of their driveway. Can you say CRAZY!

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