Wednesday, May 9, 2007

At the last minute, literally, Snofie and I decided to go to Uncle Joe's funeral. John couldn't go because he is training a new officer. We left at about 2:30pm on Monday and made it to my parent's house about 7:30pm that evening. We had a nice visit and I did some manual labor, loading two wheel barrows full of fire wood into my car. Dad has a ton of it and doesn't use it much anymore but we will in our fire pit in the back yard.

I am so very very glad we went. The funeral was Tuesday morning. We left about 3:00pm and had just enough time for a good visit. All went well at the service until my cousin Paul spoke about his dad. He told all sorts of stories and memories. And at the end he asked everyone to raise one of their hands and curl their fingers for one last "short wave". I loved Uncle Joe's short wave, he did that all the time and I can vividly picture him doing it. It was perfect.

There was a lunch afterward at their country club which was lovely. Emily, one of the grand children spoke about her grand father which was very moving. Then Paul played Uncle Joe's favorite song, Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I love You" and everyone sang along. Paul said that every time he heard that song on the radio, no matter where he was he would call his dad. I know the next time I hear that song I will absolutely loose it.

I am very glad I went. And, on the ride home Snofie told me: "Mom, I had a really nice day today."

At work today John called to say that he was on his way to the emergency room because his mother had fallen. She was volunteering at the school's Safety Town. That just crack me up that she fell at Safety Town. Snofie called her this evening and she is fine.

Wow, it was 87 degrees today and absolutely beautiful out. While Snofie did her homework I went outside to enjoy the back yard. The lily of the valley are in bloom and they smell so very good. I close my eyes and imagine myself bathing in them... And now as I type this I am looking out the window onto the back yard. I love our back yard, it is so green and full of beautiful trees and plants.

Rose gave me some iris' on Sunday. I took some to mom to plant at her house. It is great how all these beautiful flowers get passed around all over the country. I enjoy the stories of who's garden each flower came from. I have ferns and forget-me-nots from Mom in New York, daises from Judy in Groveport, hens and chickens from John's grandma in Indiana and iris' and lily of the valley from Rose. Oh, and I mustn't forget the primroses that Mom transplanted from Aunt May's garden on Arbor Lane over 30 years ago!

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