Monday, May 14, 2007

There was a mother Robin and her baby on the fence in the backyard this morning while Snofie and I were having breakfast. We love watching the birds in the morning.

Speaking of birds, there is a mother duck in the bushes right in front of Tammy's house. You can walk right by her and she doesn't seem to mind. But, if you start messing with the bushes she quacks at her. We can't wait until the eggs hatch.

Mother's Day was lovely... Snofie gave me the cutest card. It has a drawing of a little girl on the from that reminds me of the "Charlie and Lola" show on Disney which reminds me of how I love to watch Snofie watch that show. She also gave me a writing journal and some chocolates. The day way clear but a little chilly so I stayed inside most of the day. john had the day off and he did stuff around the house. Late in the afternoon we went to Lowe's and got a lilac bush that we put on the side of the house near Snofie's window. While were were doing yard work Tammy came over. She commented on how I was planting, "don't you need to dig a deeper hole for that?" But what she said actually sort of turned into a compliment because she followed it up with,"well, you can plant anything any which way and it grows." I know it's mean but I find it amusing how she pays so much for all her plants and most of them die or have issues and I get all my stuff on clearance and it grows beautifully.

When Snofie, Mom and I were on the way to Uncle Joe's funeral we were going down one of the country roads that leads to the freeway and Mom brought up a really interesting memory that I had forgotten. When I was probably about 12 we had been driving down the same road when we came upon an animal dead on the side of the road. It was a monkey!

Sunday evening Snofie made peanut butter cookies all by herself. Yummy, they were so good. I told her she was a little Rachel Ray. She loves watching her show, "30 Minute Meals".

On Friday I was napping in the hammock, Snofie was playing in the yard and John was making dinner on the grill, steak and potatoes. All of a sudden I see something sail off the deck into the yard. Two pieces of the potatoes had had some icky stuff on them so John threw them in the yard! Oh my god, he threw potatoes in the yard. It reminded me of how he used to dump the ashes from the fire pit in my flower beds. He is such a boob.

On Saturday we went out for brunch and then to the State House where they had a Civil War Encampment. It was a beautiful day and the the Civil War Encampment was really interesting, geared toward kids.

After school on Friday Tara came over for a play date with Snofie. After dinner Kelly & Time came to pick her up and we all went to Dairy Queen for dessert. Ooooo, the Hottie Dad was there. John rolled his eyes, hey, if he looks at hottie moms then I can have Hottie Dad to look at.

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