Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's a lovely day today. Sue and I took a little walk. We go out the parking lot, across the grass, through another parking lot, down the road and back in through our parking lot. It's a lot of parking lot but we are out side walking so it's all good. These walks are becoming a daily thing now that it is officially warm.

John has had forced overtime for the past three nights and he is dead, mentally and physically. Poor guy. I feel bad for him but while it is Thursday form most of us today is Friday for him.

Snofie had her library day at school yesterday and she came home with a book called: "Mystery in Death Cave" or something awfully similar to that. We plan on reading together outside in her playhouse this afternoon.

I love my hair today. Good hair days are just the best. So, I saw this woman on HGTV last night who had a great super short hair style just like mine only hers was black instead of blonde. I totally am sitting here trying to picture black hair on me and would it look good or not? I would have to do something with my eyebrows.... hhmmm...

Snofie did not spill her coffee on the way to pick up Tara for school this morning. This is the first time in quite a while. It was almost too bad because Kelly and I came up with the international hand signal for "I need paper towels" last night and I didn't even get to try it out.

Ferrari, the long haired wiener dog who is staying with Kelly, was the girls topic of conversation on the way to school. Tara laughed at how Ferrari doesn't like people very much. I said she probably misses her daddy, Uncle Willard, and the girls made up this whole scenario about how Uncle Willard is sitting at home looking at pictures of his baby Ferrari and crying over how much he misses her. They have great imaginations, a little twisted at times but great non the less.

I have found the perfect shade of lipstick. Actually it is 3 mixed together and I am thrilled that the quest is over.

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