Thursday, May 3, 2007

John found a WebKinz Horse for Snofie! It turns out that the WebKinz are a lot like the Beanie Babies were in terms of popularity with adults. It's crazy! Several weeks ago Snofie said she wanted to spend her own money to buy a horse. I took her to Hallmark where we learned that the horse had recently been retired and everyone had been asking about one. We went to two other stores and were told that the chances of finding a horse were practically nil. Snofie was upset but she understood. She got a koala bear instead and he is just adorable. John got him for her while he was at work. I can just imagine him in his uniform walking around Hallmark with a koala. Anyway, John went on Ebay where the horses are going for about $300. Holly Cow! He found one though that he won the bid on for $15 including shipping. That's not bad since they are $10 in the stores. This horse is coming from Canada so it took over a week to get here. John did not mention the acquiring of the horse to Samantha in case it didn't materialize. Well, the horse arrived yesterday and John is off tomorrow so he plans on giving it to Snofie then. Now here is the funny part: last night Snofie had an awful melt down at Skyline. We left with Snofie screaming all red in the face and me completely embarrassed. When we got home I put Snofie in the shower and told her that she needed to come up with a punishment for her behavior. She came up with and I okayed: no play room and no computer for 3 days and she had to call Tara and apologize for throwing a fit and ruining dinner for everyone. I thought this was pretty good especially considering that John will give her the horse tomorrow and she will have to wait until Saturday to play with it! It's a genius punishment that carries much harsher consequences than she imagined.

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