Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I didn't get much of a chance to write last week so here are a few miscellaneous bits and pieces...

Linda got a new dog. He's a small terrier that is absolutely adorable. His name is Max. And, he's very good too. When I was over there he sat by Linda or she held him the whole time. Ryan also got a dog. He got a Jack Russel and the little guy is cute but really wild.

I saw 2 great licence plates: FNY4GOD and LTL QTEE.

On one of John's days off last week we spent the evening lying in the hammock talking and rocking back and forth. It was wonderful. Plus, if I haven't mentioned before, I love our yard. The peonies are in bloom and there were 2 beautiful yellow birds playing in the Birch trees.

It was funny, John painted the fire pit. Before he painted it he cleaned it out and I caught him standing there with the pan of ashes, looking around the yard for a bush to dump them under. I said: "Do you want a bag for that?" and he said: "I don't but you obviously do."

One day last week something must have been going on because the police helicopter was circling our neighborhood. We all stood out on the deck and watched it. The funny thing was as it flew over our house the guy waved. I hope our nice little neighborhood isn't turning into the hood!

So, the dead spider mom sent me in the vase is alive! I had stuck the vase behind some stuff on our junk shelf in the kitchen. I was cleaning it up and saw something was moving! I took it out on the deck and laid the vase on it's side so it could crawl out. Well, I shouldn't have laid it in the sun... he's really dead now and mom is mad at me for killing it. (Oh my god, she's crazy!)

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