Thursday, May 24, 2007

I brought vanilla yogurt, the really creamy kind, to work for lunch with some cut up strawberries to add to the yogurt. Getting the strawberries out of the baggie and into the yogurt was a bit problematic. Some went in the yogurt, some went in my lap and some went on the floor. I picked the ones on my lap up and put them in the yogurt and then I picked the ones off the floor, licked them and then put them in the yogurt. They were so so good. Remember, I am going to die from the poisoned dust that blew all over me the other day so a little floor dirt won't matter. It was yummy, the yogurt and berries not the floor dirt. And a word of advice, don't try and wipe strawberry juice off your black pants with a Kleenex... it leaves a nice white streak.

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