Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I hate being sick. Actually, I hate throwing up the most... I threw up on Sunday night and was up all night with it. I would rather do practically anything instead of throwing up. But, moving on... It's Wednesday and I still feel yucky. I think it is allergies and sinus because it is one of those thing where my head hurts if I lie down and going outside causes this enormous pressure on my head. I sat outside last night while John mowed the lawn and watered everything... big mistake... I felt like my head would explode.

Snofie's last day of school is tomorrow! Her last day of second grade. I'm going to take a moment here to reflect on how awesome she is... She has the most beautiful blue eyes that I catch myself starring into all the time. She's funny how she loves her routines and freaks out when there's a change. And I love to watch her with her friends when she doesn't know I'm standing there. John and I can't imagine what our lives were like before we had her nor can we believe how grown up she is becoming!

Mom has a squirrel deterrent thing-a-ma-jig on their bird feeder. She said that it has been squirrel proof up until this spring when one smart little fellow has figured out a way around it. Now, mom won't let dad have a gun so he goes out to rid their property of pests with a BB gun. I hate that he tortures the little guys like that! Anyway, he told mom that he would get Mr. Smarty Pants. Mom convinced him to use the have a heart trap though. They had better take that squirrel to Siberia otherwise he'll find his way back... that is if they can catch him at all.

I brought peonies in for Ellen and me to have on our desks. I think this is the end of them though. The rain over the weekend beat down and broke all the stems. But the smell marvelous.

The new guy, Mark, is a little strange. He is quite difficult to talk to... he mumbles and sort of says these random thoughts that make no sense.

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