Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Monday when I was on my way to pick Snofie up from school I was behind a truck that blew these "dirt" particles all over me and the Element. I didn't think anything of it until I got to school and started itching. It was probably some sort of fertilizer laced with nerve gas and I'll go crazy and then die.

On Sunday Ryan brought my Avon order over for his mom. So when Linda came over the other day I asked her if Ryan had given her the money and she said no, he used it to put gas in his car and told her I hadn't paid her. That little stinker! If he was going to spend it he should have gotten Linda a mother's day present.

Hannah, Snofie's new playmate / neighbor came over the other evening. They sat up in Snofie's playhouse and talked. I love eavesdropping on them. They were talking about school. I don't think Snofie minds too much that Hannah is 3 years younger than her, I think she is just happy to have someone to play with.

We decided to pull up the brick edging that we have in the back yard and do just a trench type edge around the beds. The brick is nice but the grass grows up over it and between the bricks making it hard to maintain. So, Monday evening I pulled up all the bricks. We are going to use them to build a new area for our fire pit because where it is now is too close to one of our trees. The poor tree keeps catching on fire. So, I got the bricks pulled up and thought it would make trenching easier if I trimmed the grass down real low. John has a new gas powered weed eater and I thought to myself, "how hard can it be?" Oh my god! I am not strong enough to hold the thing in one hand and pull the starter pull cord thingy with the other so I had to rest it on something so I could put my foot up on the handle part to hold it steady while I held the choke thingy button in with one hand and pulled the cord thingy with the other hand. I pulled and yanked on that cord eventually knocking myself in the chest which will probably leave a bruise but the darn thing wouldn't do anything more than chug a little like it was thinking about starting but it never actually did. Snofie thought all this was hysterical and said, "you can't do it can you mommy!" Now a I am covered in oil and have knocked myself in the knee with it (also where another bruise will probably appear) and I am lecturing Snofie on how if Daddy can do it then I can do it too. That we are girls and girls can do anything they set their minds to so watch out baby, I will start this thing! As I am saying this Joy comes by walking her dog. She says she will help and I go on lecturing Snofie about how us girls don't need men to help us. We end up with Joy holding the weed eater and me pulling the cord thingy and it still won't start. About this time Snofie and Hannah run into the back yard and I say to Joy, "screw it, I'm going to find a man to start this for me but don't tell Snofie!" So, Mark across the street started it and I got all my weed eating needs met and thought Snofie would be none the wiser about girls being able to do anything. But, the next day I got busted, Snofie asked how I got it started and I just couldn't lie to her.

Current Garden List:
1. Weigelia's (dark leafed and variegated varieties)
2. Dwarf Lilac
3. Sand Cherries
4. Boxwoods
5. Forsythias
6. Day Lillies
7. Hens & Chicks
8. Daises
9. Tall Phlox
10. Carpet Rose
11. Lavender
12. Primroses
13. Lily of the Valley
14. Forget-Me-Knots
15. Holly
16. Green & White bushes that I forgot the name of
17. Hostas
18. Ferns
19. 2 Clematis'

Plants we added this year:
1. Iris
2. Divided the Hostas
3. Lilac (big one, not dwarf)
4. Divided the Day Lilies
5. More Boxwoods
6. Divided the Ferns
7. Blue Delphiniums
8. Another Weigelia
9. 2 More Lavenders
10. Another Sand Cherry
11. Another Clematis

Plants I want to add next year:
1. More Lavender
2. More Daisies
3. Another Dwarf Lilac
4. More Delphiniums
5. Bleeding Heart plants
6. More Primroses
7. Another Carpet Rose

Yesterday was Snofie's 2ND grade field trip to the Zoo. We were a little worried that it would rain. We woke up to a fairly good rain shower but it had all cleared by the time we got to the zoo. The kids rode the bus and the parent chaperons drove themselves. Kelly and I went together. We had a total of 5 girls to watch so it was easy. Plus, the nice thing about Snofie's and Tara's classes is that all the kids are well behaved for the most part. Hottie Dad was there so I had a nice animal to look at. We were able to sign our own kids out afterward and take them home with us. Kelly and I let the girls walk around the zoo a little more. Whenever we go to the zoo we always go to the left of the main entrance and never make it to the right half where the North American animals are and I always forget how nice it is back there. We saw a few bears, the otters and wolves as well as going for a lovely walk. It was a wonderful field trip.

The series finale of Gilmore Girls was on Tuesday night. I can't believe that was the last ever episode... the last ever time they will play the theme song, the last time Rory and Loralie will go to Luke's, the last Friday night dinner at the grandparents, the last of Lane, Babbette and Miss Patty and the last of Luke. Big sigh! The episode ended with the teaser that Loralie and Luke are back together. I'm going to go with that and imagine that they get married and live happily ever after.

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