Friday, May 4, 2007

There is nothing better than a peanut butter and honey sandwich on really crunchy whole grain bread!

And, there is also nothing better than my adorable leopard print & pick flower patterned Birkenstocks!

Now that it's warm I roll the windows all the way down and enjoy the fresh air while I wait at school to pick Snofie up. So, there I am, sitting there doing a Sudoku puzzle when a bug flies in the window. I swat it away, you know the swatting where you wave your arms around your head and look like an idiot. I got it and it fell somewhere on me. It felt like it went down my shirt but I looked and couldn't find it. A little while later I found it! It was down the back of my pants!

Since Snofie is grounded from the playroom I locked the door. The other night she asked where she should put the hamster cage for the night. During the day the cage is in her bedroom on a shelf next to her bed but at night the little bugger is quite loud being nocturnal and all so we put her in the playroom. I told Snofie to just set her in the entryway near where we hang our coats. A while later she was driving me crazy running in her wheel and making other sorts of noises so I decided to unlock the playroom and put her in there. I walk down the hallway and turn on the light and holy shit! The hamster was on the floor next to the cage. She's out! I don't know who was more surprised, the hamster or me. She sort of flattened herself against the floor an looked up at me with eyes that looked like they were going to pop out of her head. I'm sure she was thinking: I'm out! She had climbed the bars of her cage, twisted a little cap open, popped it off and climbed out. In the morning Snofie asked why there was tape all over Hally's cage.

My mother has finally lost it. She called the other day to tell me about her finds while cleaning out rooms in the house. On find was a bud vase that had a spider, dead, stuck in the bottom. She said, "I shook the vase and it didn't come out so I am sending it to you." Yesterday I received a box with a bud vase with a spider in it. John & Snofie said I needed to throw it away immediately but no, this is too good to throw away.

I had a bad dream last night that my Uncle Joe died. I have a creepy history of these sorts of dreams actually happening so I called my dad on my way to work. He said he didn't have time for all this bullshit and then spent about 20 minutes discussing the gas prices and his new car. (A fully loaded Audi something or other with 280 horse power, Bose stereo, satellite radio and blue tooth. Never mind that the man does not have a cell phone.) Next I called mom who said she had plans to go see Uncle Joe on Sunday. She called back a while later and said that she had called Aunt Annette who said that last night Uncle Joe had taken a turn for the worse so mom is going to see him today. Let this be a warning to those who poo poo my dreams.

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