Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's like a bird sanctuary in our back yard. All the mom's bring their babies to learn to fly within the security of our fence. There has been a Robin family out back and I am terrified of the baby. (I'm afraid of birds in general but the babies really creep me out.) The little guy kept trying to fly and smacking into the fence. Snofie and I felt bad for him. Actually, we just wanted him out of our yard so we shooed him out the gate. Then later when I was walking from the backyard to the front he was in the neighbor's bushes and totally startled me. I screamed for Snofie. She brought me a blow up pirate sword but wouldn't help me past him. She thought the whole thing was funny. Then Sam, the neighbor boy came along and I made him walk me past the baby. So, that was one bird catastrophe avoided. The next baby bird was not so fortunate as to be escorted out of the back yard. He was run over by the lawn mower. I was inside when John called me out to help him. I asked him why he though I would be able to help... if he couldn't scoop it up and into the trash how did he think I would be able to do it. He asked if I would hold the bag and I said NO. Eventually he couldn't come up with anything so he shoveled it into the trash dumpster and then chased me around the yard with the bird gut encrusted shovel. All the while the bird parents were chirping madly at us. We told them that they should have kept a better eye on their baby.

We dug out all the grass to make the new area for the fire pit. It was really hard work and I wimped out. Snofie on the other hand did a great job. She worked really really hard.

The sign up at the church this week says: "Kind words make good echos." I like that one.

Snofie and I went to a play: "The Reluctant Dragon". I don't know if it was the play that was so funny or listening to Snofie laugh but it was one of the best ones we've been to. Afterward Snofie and I went to Cup-O-Joe for coffee. We always read the paper while we're there and one of this week's headlines talked about cage fighting being a big sport now. Yuck! I told Snofie how I thought that it wasn't a sport and how I thought it was just plain old stupid. Ans, she really surprised me. She didn't just take my opinion, she had one of her own. She said: if they want to do something stupid and other stupid people want to watch them then go ahead, I don't have to watch them though. My baby is growing up and having opinions of her own!

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