Thursday, May 31, 2007

So it's been stupid hot outside the past 2 weeks, in the 90's with extremely high humidity. When John has gone out to do yard work I have gone out with him. I guess I figured that if he had to suffer it would look good for me to suffer along with him. The other day we were sitting on our stone wall out front watering the lawn and talking as we looked out over the neighborhood. And, oh my god, there under a tree in their front yard was Co-Cheese and Shim. There they were sitting at a small rattan table drinking iced tea, Co-Cheese in his bath robe and Shim dressed up like a woman. It totally reminded me of the scene from "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann where he's sitting on the beach and all his make-up is sliding off because it is so hot.

Speaking of hot... last Saturday we had a family outing to the strawberry patch and boy was it hot. We had fun but the strawberries were really picked over and almost gone.
Note for next year: go early!

Snofie has spring allergies. This year they are really a problem so we have started her on Claritin. The pill is teeny tiny but when she was presented with it she threw a huge tantrum! She flat out refused to take it. I was about to loose my mind so I asked John for help. She wouldn't take it for him either. Finally John took Mr. B away and said he was heading for the garbage can with him. She took the pill. Last night was our second go round with taking the Calritin and it went well. She sat at the table for only about 15 minutes and when I looked over her face was all scrunched up and she was gulping a glass of water. Sometimes Snofie is such a pill!

Tuesday morning we were running slightly behind schedule but by no means were we late. When I dropped Snofie off at school there was huge long line of cars. Normally we are early enough that I can just pull right out. So, I sat there for a while waiting for either a break in the line or for some nice person to let me out. Finally someone did let me out and oh my god, it was the "worst driver mom". She is the one who beeps at people, drives way too fast through the parking lot and huff and puffs over the drop off and pick up procedures. She is icky and I had to be nice, smile and wave thank you to her for letting me out. I think I would rather have waited a little longer.

Last night Snofie says, all dramatic, "I can't believe I am going to say this and I am only going to say it once: I really want to go to school tomorrow." It was all I could do to not laugh.

So, here we are, up to this morning... Snofie's last day of second grade. I'm not quite sure whether I feel happy or sad. We picked up Tara on the way to school and the girls did not want their picture taken. Actually, Tara said it was ok but Snofie flat out refused. I snapped a quick one of the girls in the back seat when we got there.

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