Monday, May 7, 2007

My Uncle Joe died on Saturday 5/5/07 at 10:00am. The funeral is on Tuesday morning and it has been a very difficult decision but we are not going to take Snofie out of school and make the drive. Mom is mad that we are not coming but Dad said he did not think Aunt Annette would be upset at all if I didn't come in for the funeral.

The weekend was lovely, very relaxing. We did absolutely nothing! (I did go to the grocery on Saturday but that doesn't really count because I enjoy it.) On Friday after work John and I went to check out a few garage sales which turned out to be nothing. We ended up at school to pick Snofie up really early but it was fun because it was Cops & Kids Day and we had fun watching all the activity. They had a huge Army Black hawk helicopter on the front lawn. We got to see it take off which was fantastic. And, we saw Joey & Henry's dad who is a police officer for Upper Arlington. We decided to surprise Snofie and get her out of school an hour early. A while back she told me how sometimes kids get to leave early for appointments and it's cool how they get out of class. She said she wished she could do that some day. She was really excited. John and I spent the afternoon sitting in the front yard lounging and watching Snofie ride her bike. For dinner we ordered pizza because none of us felt like making anything.

On Saturday we had tacos for dinner since it was Cinco de Mayo. I had planned on making enchiladas but realized that I didn't remember how with out a recipe so dinner turned into tacos instead.

On Sunday it was beautiful out but a little chilly so John and I lounged around all day and watched all of lasts weeks re-runs of "Gilmore Girls" that I had DVR'd. John doesn't care for "Gilmore Girls" but he said he was too lazy to get up and move or fight over the remote so he watched with me. It cracked me up because every so often he would ask a question like, "why is Rory mad at Loralai?" or "Why is Rory taking a break from Yale?". The answers always turned into these long explanations and he was sorry he asked each time.

I made the first iced tea of the season on Sunday and John made the first strawberry shortcake of the season. Both were amazingly good. Then late Sunday afternoon John and I were both sound asleep and there was poor Snofie trying to wake one of us up to see if Tara could come over to play. We are so pathetically lazy that neither one of us got up when Tara got dropped off. I'm sure Tara didn't care though, she went right into the play room. I did look in on them a little while later and found several doll house people with their heads shut in the toy trunk. When I pretended to make them talk, "ouch, our heads hurt, get us out of here." The girls said, "they can't talk, they are dead." Oh...

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