Saturday, August 25, 2007

Build A Bear

It is not as hot out today. Samantha went to Tara's birthday party. Since Kelly is stuck with her foot she asked me if I would go with her mother to help with the party. Of course I said yes. I like Kelly's mom, Noreen we had a great time. We took Tara, Samantha, Ann, Ashlie and Kayile to Build A Bear. The girl who did the party was really great. I can't wait to download the pictures I took. The girls were all so serious following the girls instructions: march in line, put your bears heart on your head and 10 seconds to wash you bear. They barely cracked a smile. But they had the best time. Samantha made the fall bear. He's orange with a fall leaf on it's nose and foot. Samantha named it Pumpkin. Tim and Kelly met us and we all went to lunch at Max and Ermas. I got to push Kelly in the rented mall wheel chair. It was hysterical, I am not a good driver. Kelly commented that I treated her like she was not all there. She said her foot was broken, not her mind.

After Build A Bear and lunch we went back to Kelly's house. Sally came by and the boys were back from putt putt and Tara opened her presents. Then I took the girls back to our house to play. Tim came and picked them up when the tornado sirens started going off. There was a touch down nearby but we didn't get even a drop of rain.

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