Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have a cold... a stupid summer cold... and it's at the very worst time too because we have a lot planned this week. Ellen was supposed to come over tonight and we were going to have dinner at The Shade and then look at condos for her. But that didn't happen because I'm not up for it and neither is Ellen. She said her stomach was upset all day and this morning Teresa came in and started telling her all about how she drank too much last night and then threw up this morning in the bathroom at work. She went on and on about how gross the bathroom at work was. Finally Ellen told her she had to stop. Teresa was surprised that if you drank too much the night before that you could still be sick the next day... duh... I would assume that this is no where near the first time she had drunk too much... oh, I just have to say duh again... Anyway, tomorrow Samantha and I are going to the ballet. On Saturday we are planning on going to Mansfield to pick blueberries. On Sunday we will go to the Labor Day festival in town and then on Monday the parade. I don't want to miss any of it because of a stupid cold.

Sue and I walk at work. We take a short stroll thru the parking lot, over a grassy area avoiding the dog poop and down the road. It's a nice mid-morning break. We pick up pennies and change we find along the way and plan on splitting a coke when we have .55. We are almost there. Today we found a dime so only .07 to go. It's kind of sad that we are almost there and then our game will be over. But then Sue said she drinks diet. Yuck, I drink regular. So I guess it's .62 more to go until we have enough for two cokes.

Kelly called this morning. She didn't feel well as a result of doing too much yesterday and Tara was upset. She wanted to stay home with her mom. So, Samantha and I went by and picked her up for school. Then after school since we weren't doing dinner with Ellen we picked Tara up from the bus and went over to keep Kelly company for a while. The girls haven't played since school started. Kelly went to the doctor yesterday and he said 3 to 5 more weeks and she should start being able to put weight on her foot. Yeah! She took her boot thing off and showed me her foot. It was really strange because there are identical bruises on either side of her foot. Danny had stayed home from school sick as well and he kept asking if he could go out and play with his friend in the neighborhood. Kelly reminded him that the rule is if you do not go to school then you do not play outside or play with friend. He was funny because he must have asked 100 times if he could play and he kept on trying and Kelly kept on telling him no. It was hard not to laugh when he asked if he could call his dad and ask him.

I am getting back into my routine of leaving work and sitting in the parking lot at school and having time alone to read. I'm currently reading "Freedomland", the book that the movie was based on. It is really good and I have been getting in a good hour each day to read. Today Jeff called. I didn't answer and he left a voice mail saying he had a question about next week's trip. He sounded pissed off too. I didn't call him back because he will be in the office tomorrow and can ask me whatever then. The thing is I usually do not finish his trip for the next week until the last possible second, literally, on Friday. So, he gets it Friday evening for the following week. This week I finished it yesterday, Wednesday, and emailed it to everyone in the office, including Jeff, like I do every week. This extra time gave Jeff time to think about and pick apart next weeks trip. He usually calls me in the beginning of the week and asks what things look like for the following week. I try to tell him things that I am only 100% positive about because he doesn't do well with changes or additions. I told him on Tuesday what I thought was for sure but then several hours later Ron got 2 more appointments so I'm sure that's what he is upset about. I think he thinks I keep things from him on purpose. Then there is the whole Ray thing. Next week a new guy from the plant is going to be tagging along with Jeff so that he can get training to be able to go out an do what Jeff does on his own. Hello, Jeff, don't you think this is a sign that you need to be a little bit more agreeable and quit complaining since there is someone else around to do your job... I am actually quite curious about what he has to say because I know he is going to hit the roof when he finds out he has to do a power point presentation at his last appointment. His last appointment is really tight and he is already upset about it. Sometimes I find his rantings somewhat amusing. We'll see...

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