Friday, August 31, 2007

Kitty Say What...

We are totally into these kitties... John doesn't know it yet but we are walking around the house randomly saying, "kitty say what". And we use it in all conversation as well. For example: I might ask Samantha if she wants to come outside with me and she responds, "kitty say what".

This morning was the 3rd grade parent meeting at school. It was from 8:45am until 10:30am, oh my god that's a long time.
Samantha was so cute telling us that it had been moved from the gym to the cafeteria. And, how to get there, "you go in the doors on the left and then by the stairs you turn right and go down the hall. When you see the ramp go left. Down the ramp and you will be in the cafeteria." She is very concerned with knowing exactly where to go and what to expect.
John was planning on going but he worked overtime until 3am so we thought it best that he stay home and sleep. That was a good plan too because the first part of the meeting was quite boring. All about the achievement testing and no child left behind. I don't remember much of it. I sat with Paul (Ann's dad), Michelle (Austin's mom) and Krista (Seth's mom).
After the boring bit we went to our child's classroom and met with their teachers. I love both of her teachers. When I walked in to the class room her homeroom teacher said: "am I doing something wrong? Every day Samantha is the first one in the class room and she always looks like she is going to burst into tears." I reassured her that Samantha thinks she great and that Samantha is just a little strange. Crying is just her thing. Samantha says she could care less if anyone acknowledges that she is crying, or about to cry. She says she does it because she misses me and because she is tired that early in the morning and her coffee hasn't kicked in yet. That's my kid!
I think Samantha is going to have a great year learning. I am excited about everything but the math. At work I looked over some of the thing they will cover this year and the math section literally made my chest hurt. I had to stop. (Remember I chose what colleges to apply to based on whether math was required or not.)
They had had coffee down in the cafeteria and I had poured myself a cup only to realize that there was no real sugar. Kitty say what! I refuse to use the fake stuff and was mumbling to myself how I felt wasteful just throwing it away. Another dad had heard me and on the way out of the class room he said I was wanted in the principals office for wasting coffee. And Michelle said, "oh and not for running over the orange parking cones!" So of course the dad wanted to know about that so we re-told my incident where I ran over the parking cone, in front of everyone and it got stuck under my car. Ahh, the good ole days.

I was worried that my boss would be mad that the meeting took so long but she wasn't. It was a pretty laid back day too. Jeff was in the office and funny he didn't mention calling me yesterday or what he wanted. See, when he has time on his hands he starts getting all grumpy about things. He did get to see, up close and personal, how quickly things can change regarding his travel. I asked him his preference on a flight to Detroit from Salt Lake City. Twenty minutes later he asked me what I had booked and I said, "oh, you're not going to Detroit anymore." I felt like standing on a chair (he's 6'9") and saying: "see, I don't make this stuff up!" But I didn't.

Ellen and I were talking about something interesting today. She asked if I got paid since the office is closed on Labor Day. I told her no and she asked about how that all worked. I don't get paid for any time I take off, holiday's, sick days, vacation days. Originally I only worked two days a week for a couple of hours. Then it went to three days, then four and now I still work part time but I work 5 days a week. I am beginning to ponder asking for sick days, vacation and holidays.... hhhmmm....

After school, while we were unpacking Samantha's book bag, she said she wished we had ice cream. Then she said we should make some. Kitty say what! Well, she had found a recipe in her National Geographic Kids magazine for 5 minute ice cream. Oh my god, it was really good. Here is the recipe:

You will need:
Ice Cubes
1/2 cup kosher salt
1 cup half & half or low fat milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 resealable sandwich bag
1 gallon size resealable freezer bag
A dish towel
What to do:
1. Fill the gallon size bag half full with ice and kosher salt.
2. In the sandwich bag, mix half & half or milk, sugar, and vanilla. Seal tightly.
3. Place the small bag inside the large bag. Seal tightly so they won't leak.
4. To protect your hands from the cold, wrap the dish towel around the outside of the large bag. Shake for 5 minutes or until the mixture turns into ice cream.

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