Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So so tired today...and I don't know why. I took about a 3 hour long nap when I got home from work. When I got up I helped Samantha set up her doll house. Her doll house was mine when I was her age. My dad made it for me for Christmas one year. I still have some of the furniture and then John's sister gave her some furniture that had been hers when she was young.

Samantha and I went over to Tammy's house and waited for her to finish up working. I love Tammy's house. I like the way she decorates. It looks like it is right out of a magazine and very Pier One style. When she was ready we went for a walk at Chestnut Ridge. We also looked up the geocache that was there and Tammy, who had signed up the day before, got her first find. She thought it was pretty cool.

On the way home we went by Dairy Queen. I decided I was in the mood for some ice cream which is quite rare. I am not really an ice cream person. But, tonight I got a chocolate sundae with marshmallow topping. When we got back in the car I realized that I had not had this concoction since the night I gave birth to Samantha! Tammy asked if I was pregnant. Um... no...

When we got back home we went across the street to talk to Skip and Joy who were out. Skip had Hank out and oh my god, he is getting huge. Skip said he caught the Shim stalking around in his back yard and watched him take a bunch of his vegetables. How strange.

Samantha and I had DVR'd the new show on ABC Family called "Slacker Cats" and just as we were sitting down to watch it when Ryan came over to return John's tools. He said he had wanted to watch "Slacker Cats" but hadn't been able to because he'd been trying to fix his car last night when it had been on so we invited him to stay and watch it with us. It was good, a stupid kind of good. After it was over we watched another show that I had DVR'd called "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". This guy at work who I chat with sometimes said it was funny so I thought I'd give it a try. Ryan said he watches it and likes it. Oh my god, it was the dumbest thing I have ever seen. There was a fat man, a meatball, a cup and a container of fries. The fat man had taken out a home equity loan to buy a hooptie mobile with "hypno rims" that spin and hypnotize females into falling for the owner. But then these square things came down from outer space and stole the fat mans rims turning the rims against him to make him do things for them. Who thinks these things up. I mean, a cup and a meatball, hypno rims... there must have been weed involved in the creation of that one.

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