Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot Air Balloons

There was a big storm last night that woke me up. I listened to the lightening crash and the thunder boom. It was so loud and then it slowly moved out of town. It was neat.

Then the air was tense at work after the big Stacey and Beth blow up.

John worked until 2am last night but he still got up and went to pick Tara up for a play date. She goes to the pre school where Kelly works but she hates it and John feels really bad for her so he goes an picks her up whenever she and Samantha want him too.

Kelly came by about 4pm to pick Tara up. We decided it was way too hot an muggy to make dinner so we took the kids to Waffle House.

Most evenings this summer we can look out the window and see a hot air balloon or two floating over the neighborhood. They are so beautiful and serene. I totally want to go for a ride in one.

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