Monday, August 13, 2007

A Pawn in Bishop Park

Monday started with work. I left a bit before 1pm and went to get my hair cut. Dobri cut it a bit short this time but we were talking so he probably didn't realize. John took Samantha to get her hair cut today also. She wanted a little trim. Then they went to play putt putt golf. After my haircut I went by Sonic for a cherry limeade.

Then I had to go back by Bishop park to find the cache we couldn't find over the weekend. It was one of those things where I could not stop thinking about finding it. I spent about 45 minutes walking around the woods looking high and low. I had all but given up and was making my way out of the woods when I literally tripped over the cache. Oh sweet victory!

When I got home I picked up John and Samantha and we went back out to find another cache. We didn't find this one but we did discover a new hiking trail and had a really nice hike along a creek.

Back at home I started making a pasta salad for Ryan who came over for dinner. He also came over to fix my lap top that was all messed up and not connecting to our wireless network. Yeah, he fixed it. John and Ryan went down to the Man Cave and they discovered that John's palm pilot has a GPS on it which is going to make geocaching so much better. Ryan asked what geocaching was and said it sounded kind of dumb. Of course we had to prove him wrong so we took him to find a cache. He no longer thinks it's dumb. He said he was going to sign up so that he could sign the log book next time. I knew it would be right up his ally.

On the way home we went to Dairy Queen. We were all out in the front when Tammy came over. We were talking about geocaching and Tammy wanted to know about it so we told her how to sign up and all. She thought it sounded cool.

At 9pm we broke up the party and went in to watch "The Closer". It was really good this week. About half way through the doorbell rang. Poor guy, his drive shaft fell off and onto the road on his way home and he needed some tools to fix it enough to get him home. Back to "The Closer", while we were watching it I was doing something in my day planner and almost missed the climactic moment. Someone shot at Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson! They had to put her cool black bag that I lust after into evidence forcing her to carry around this ugly white one with red flowers. Thankfully she got it back.

About 10:30pm Tammy called. The squad was down the street and they took Co-Cheese away. I can't believe that man isn't dead yet, he looks awful and can barely make it around. I guess they are having to foreclose on their house. The Shim had been a nurse at Children's but he got fired and that was quite a while ago. I hope they take all their feral cats with them.

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