Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going back home

Ba Ba came in this morning to say good bye before he went to work. Samantha and I left for home about 10:30am. Mom gave Samantha the rest of the cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then we used the wheelbarrow to load the car. I gave Samantha a ride back over like Dad used to do with me. Mom and Samantha threw the rest of the acorns in the creek. And the dogs walked across the bridge to the car with us. I always cry when we leave my parents house and Samantha did this time too.
We went right to school to check out the class list. Samantha has a good class it looks like. We have been so fortunate that she has had excellent teachers each year. Although, I really don't think any of them are bad.
Kelly called when we got home. This morning she fell down the stairs and broke her foot. She said she is not blaming the dog but Corky was there. Poor Kelly. This really sucks because her sister and her family are in town this week and school starts on Monday. She was so funny, the pain medication made her a little loopy and she said the funniest thing. First I have to preface this story. One evening Kelly and I were out with the kids when Ellen called on my cell phone. When I we were done talking I said, "I love you too." Kelly asked if we always said we love each other and I said yes. She asked why I didn't say that to her. I asked if that would make her feel uncomfortable if I said I love you. She said yes. Well, that's why I don't say it. So, back to the present and Kelly sounding all loopy. She said she needed to go because she was tired. I was getting ready to say good bye and Kelly said, "I love you Kate." It was too funny. I wonder if she will remember that she said it tomorrow?
John worked day shift today and then a little overtime so he was home in the evening. While Samantha and I waited for him we watched a show she'd DVR'd called "Animal Miracles". Even though we spent every waking moment together on vacation I never get tired of spending time with her.
When John got home we all went to Bob Evans for dinner. We missed John / Daddy!

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