Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I woke up this morning to giggling. Giggling coming from the big bed. Baby giggling. John and Samantha were awake and well, giggling. It was a nice sound to wake up to.

Samantha spent the afternoon playing with play doh. She came in and said: "I just made the best thing I've ever made out of play doh and I named him Tweeters."

Kelly said she does not remember telling me that she loves me. She went to have her foot set today and the doctor said if she stays off of it she can avoid surgery. And, that she can be walking by Halloween. Oh my god, that is such a long time. I hope everything works out and that she learns to use her walker. The crutches were too awkward and the walker is safer.

This evening Samantha and I went out in the back yard even though is was oppressively hot. We threw a ball around and watched the storm roll in. It smelled like rain. The wind began to pickup and we could hear the thunder getting closer and closer. We stayed out until the lightening arrived. We went inside and watched "High School Musical 2". When it was time for bed we washed our faces together. I watched Samantha put emu oil on her face and rub it in just the way I do. I love her so very very much.

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