Thursday, August 23, 2007

On Golden Pond

I hate being embarrassed. You know that feeling where you are sitting there and you can feel your face burning and you want to run away and hide. Well, that happened to me today. I made a $242.60 mistake and I had to tell my boss about it. I was going to wait until next week but she already knew and asked me what happened so I had to tell her.
Ellen has pneumonia but Carla made her come in to work today. She really didn't feel well. Poor Ellen. And, while I'm on the subject of work, Susan quit today. She is moving to the lake house. They have been remodeling their lake house and it's almost done.
Me: "I wish my black shorts were clean."
Samantha: "They are."
Me: "No, they aren't."
Samantha: "Yes, they are."
Me: "No, they are in the dirty laundry from vacation that I haven't done yet."
Samantha: "I did the laundry this morning, Daddy told me how."
I love my girl, she's the greatest!
We went to Target to get Tara's birthday present. Samantha has a Bratz doll with a dog named Cloe and she wanted to get Tara the same one but named Yazmine. We got the last one! Watching Samantha pick out a card was sweet. She looked over every card and had me reach a few on the top row for her. She spent time reading each one and then decided on a knock knock one with a monkey on it.
Today was "Meet Your Teacher Day" at school. This year Samantha is in a new school but it is laid out exactly like her old school. We took Samantha's school supplies in and she got them all organized in her desk. Her teacher (in the picture above) seems so nice. I think she and Samantha will be a good fit. Samantha knows a few kids in her class this year. There are 2 girls she knows, Hayley and Olivia. As we walked around checking out where everything was Samantha saw a bunch of kids she knows. I love watching her socialize and interact with her classmates, I am just so proud of the great person she is becoming. There was a back to school party out in back of the school with games and inflatables that you can jump on and slide down but it was close to 100 degrees and majorly humid so we did not stay.
It took us 17 minutes to get out of the parking lot of the school! They had 2 sheriff deputies directing traffic. I love how when there is something at school everyone goes. That is great. Where John is a police officer I bet half the parents don't even know where the school is.
We went by Kelly's to see how she is holding up. Poor Kelly, she is so mad about not being able to get around. Tim and her mom are really helping her out so that is good. And, our friend Sally has been coming by with all sorts of advice. Sally is a physical therapist.
Tonight Samantha and I watched one of the greatest movies of all time: "On Golden Pond". I love that movie so much. Listening to Katherine Hepburn call to the loons reminds me of Mom and listening to Henry Fonda gripe about everything reminds me of Dad.
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