Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh my god. As I sit here this afternoon it is 99 degrees out! Wow, I knew it sure felt stupid hot out. At work Sue and I braved it and went for our mid-morning walk. It was so humid it felt like your body was cutting through the air like butter. I sure do feel for all the poor souls who do not have anywhere to go to get cool

My favorite comic strip, Get Fuzzy, is on a particularly funny streak lately. Bucky Katt thinks that Satchel Pooch is being possessed by democrats because he has "the confused look... the do-nothingness. The drool." And he called the demon-crats earlier this week. Oh, that cat sure does crack me up.

Samantha has made a sled dog team that practices in the living room. She is using 3 Build-A-Bear dogs: the husky, the black lab and the golden retriever. They are in training to pull a Barbie car. She has them strung together with a leash and then the one closest to the Barbie car is scotch taped to the car. I must take a picture because it is just the funniest contraption I have ever seen.

I booked a flight at work that departs Columbus at 6:30am and arrives in Chicago at 6:30am. It made me think back 8 years ago to when I first started this job and my little blond head took the longest time to realize that it wasn't an error but rather a time change. Yes, sometimes I can be quite blond. I have learned to disguise it well though. When I don't quite fully comprehend something I don't' say anything right away in case it is just me. Thus I have gotten really good at figuring things out on my own. I remember when I trained for my first job out of college. (Note: I chose my college because math was not a requirement.) I was in training and all this math was being shown to us. Everyone seemed to think it was all so easy. I wrote everything down and then spent several nights up late in my hotel room trying to figure it all out. There was no way I was going to admit to anyone that I didn't get it. So, I kept at it and eventually I could do it. Naturally it takes longer sometimes but it is so worth it to have that satisfaction of having figured it out all on your own.

Ferrari the long haired Dachshund is gone. Not dead but moved back in with her owners. Yeah, no more demon dog. Now there was a dog that surely was possessed by demon-crats!

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