Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ribs and Poop

This morning we all went to church. On the way there Dad didn't want to wear his seat belt so the car ding-dinged all the way there. It was strange to be back there after so many years. Everything is exactly the same, even the shut-ins they pray for each week. Exactly the same. I saw Ellen's father, he looks exactly the same as well. He said Ellen is in NYC and Susan is in Idaho. Samantha was so sweet saying the prayers right along with everyone else. And, she shook every one's hand just like an adult. I went with her to Sunday school where they made cards for shut-ins. Samantha showed all the girls how to make a pop-up card. I was so proud of her for being "social".

After church we went to breakfast at the organic deli. We were greeted by the friendliest vegan I have ever met in my life. It was funny to watch Dad when she told him his selection was "FANTASTIC!" She was really nice and it was refreshing to find someone who enjoys their job. Mom said they guy who owns the place used to be some computer IT guy who quit and opened up the place. I so want to do that one day. Anyway, they had a chalkboard in the corner for the kids. Samantha went over, aah, how cute. "Oh my god, erase that Samantha!" She wrote POOP really big across the board. The whole place laughed. Luckily their laughter didn't upset her.

Later on we all went Geocaching again. This site was in a park, in the woods. Dad bitched the whole way there wanting to know why we were wasting our time doing this. When we got in the woods Dad walked around in a circle, said "IT'S NOT HERE" and went back to the car. I'd locked the car so he had to sit on the bleachers by the baseball diamonds. It was amusing that is was irritated. Mom found the cache. She was so thrilled and is hooked.

For dinner Dad made BBQ ribs on the grill. Yummy! I always get a sample of ribs at the Jazz & Rib festival in town every year but I have never actually sat down and eaten a plate of ribs. Oh, they were so finger licking good.

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