Sunday, February 4, 2007

It is colder than cold today. With the wind chill it is well below zero. I'm glad that I did not have to go out today. Snofie had Ann over to play. Her mom dropped her off and picked her up so I successfully avoided going outside there. While the girls played I made cookies that turned out great. I made sugar cookie dough with cream cheese and powered sugar. I cut them out into little hearts and sprinkled with red sugar and then drizzled with chocolate. They were a hit.

The Super Bowl is tonight and I just asked PoPo Pop who was playing. Surprisingly he knew. We are the least sports oriented family. PoPo Pop is home from work sick. When he called into the department to say he wasn't coming in they said that 6 other officers had called off. The funny thing is they all know that PoPo Pop is probably the only one who called off today because he is really sick and not faking to watch the Super Bowl. We are watching the Puppy Bowl off and on this evening on Animal Planet. They have a pen made to look like a football field and it's filled with puppies. That's it, the puppies run around and it broadcasted on TV. It is strangely addictive and the puppies are adorable. It kind of reminds me of "Meercat Manor" also on Animal Planet and also addicting. The film and narrate the lives of a group of meercats.

PoPo Pop is really sick. We all were but with him it turned into an infection. Last week he went to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic. He took one day off last week and then had his two scheduled days off. After all that he still didn't feel better but went back to work anyway yesterday because he is an FTO (field training officer) and he is in the middle of training a new officer. Anyway, this morning I was looking at his prescriptions and noted that he has been taking his decongestant but he hadn't started on his antibiotic. Duh, PoPo Pop, that's what is going to make him feel better. He is planning on taking the day off tomorrow as well so I will be able to go get my much needed hair cut.

I keep thinking about all the little doggies and kitties out there in the cold without a warm house to come into tonight. That makes me so sad.

You know, we are a terribly pathetic family. This afternoon PoPo Pop was in his den on the computer and I was out here on the couch on my laptop. All of a sudden I got an IM. So, PoPo Pop and I spent the next half hour or so IM-ing back and forth. Sally came back to pick up Ann and I sent him and IM to tell him to come on out and say hi. The funny part of that is that our house is a ranch and only about 1200 square feet so I wouldn't have even needed to raise my voice to get him to come on out.

I have been thinking about our house all day today. I don't know if it is because it is so cold out and I am just being thankful for a warm house or if it's because we have been watching HGTV all day. But, I love our house. It is the perfect house. I love that it is a ranch and has an attached garage. The yard is just perfect as well, not too big as to not be able to take care of it but big enough to play and plant in. We have lived here almost 9 years so our trees are becoming nice and mature and we have been able to tackle every room and make it exactly how we want it.

Oh my god, I am married to a freak of nature. He had the unique ability to sense when the pizza guy arrives before he rings the door bell. He just stood up and went to the door, "pizza's here". Oh my god, how does he do that?

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