Saturday, February 10, 2007

PoPo Pop painted the basement today before he went to work. Tara came over to play with Snofie for a while. She brought her Webkinz monkey, Tom and she left him here. He is sitting on the coffee table watching me type. When Kelly dropped Tara off she brought a piece of Alaska sheet cake over. oh my god, it was so so good. It was so amazingly rich and you could taste the butter it was made with. After Tara left Snofie and I alphabetized her books. She has the greatest collection of books. I love that she enjoys the books that were mine when I was little. Then I cleaned the hamster cage. We couldn't get Hally's cage open. It was the petting zoo part where she sleeps and we couldn't get Hally out of there so I had to try to get it open with her in the petting zoo. It was a piece of poo that was stuck in the opening part. Poor Hally, I had to turn the petting zoo upside down with her in it. I love a clean hamster cage.

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