Friday, February 9, 2007

Ouch, my whole body hurts from falling on the ice yesterday. I wore sneakers today. They felt totally weird because I never wear sneaker, usually just heels.

PoPo Pop had the day off today. Snofie had a 2 hour delay at school because of the weather again so we decided to let her have a day off. So, I didn't have to leave at any particular time. It's easy when I have to leave to go pick Snofie up from school but on days when I can stay indefinitely it is so hard to leave. Every time I thought I was done something else would come up. I finally left close to 4pm.
We went to Las Margaritas for dinner. It was really good. When we sat down I noticed a woman at the table next to our drinking a cup of coffee. Usually I get a coke when we eat out but something hot sounded really good so I got a cup of hot tea. It was nice. When we were done eating Snofie and PoPo Pop played hangman and I drank my cup of hot tea. There is something so soothing about a cup of hot tea. I love wrapping my hands around the mug, holding it close and breathing in the lemony warmth.
About 11pm PoPo Pop and I were not tired so we watched a movie on Lifetime Movie Network called "Oxygen" with Adrien Brody. I love him, he's a hottie. In the movie he played a really creepy bad guy who buried a woman alive. Of course I had trouble falling asleep afterward and didn't sleep well. But right before I woke up instead of a nightmare I had an odd sort of dream. PoPo Pop, Lee, Mike Dillon, Adrien Brody and I were at an ice cream place in the mall. The place was really cool, you put together your own mixes but they weren't all blended like a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Instead there were big chunks of each of the ingredients. First you chose your cookie option, like a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie. Then you got to choose a couple scoops of different ice creams, then, syrups and other options like chocolate chips, marshmallows etc. Anyway, Lee and PoPo Pop had made their decisions and had gone to sit down. I was talking to Susie, who worked there, and was leaning against Adrien, sigh. My feet were tired so Mike Dillon was holding one of them. i kept thinking, I hope my stinky feet don't ruin his ice cream. Then when it was my turn to order I told the guy to make whatever, "surprise me", I said. Anyway, Adrien Brody is totally hot.

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