Monday, February 19, 2007

We were watching HGTV:
PoPo Pop: Is that guy blind?
Me: No, he's Lebanese.

Snofie didn't have school today, President's day. After work she, Tara and I went in to see Rose's new puppy named Maggie. She's too cute all wobbly on her feet and all. She chased the girls around and will no doubt be very tired this evening. I took the girls with me to the grocery store. I love to listen to them talk about the things in each aisle. They talk about what food they like and what they don't. Then they got tired and thirsty. Tara wanted root beer and Snofie wanted lemonade. We looked in every single one of those coolers at the end of the check out aisles and couldn't find either one. Tara looked really disappointed and Snofie was in tears. Luckily there is a Subway in our Wal Mart which had both. I tried to exchange both girls for a sub but the guy wouldn't go for it. I dropped Snofie off at Tara's and then I went in and met PoPo Pop for dinner. He is training one of the new officers so she went to eat with us. We had Panda Express. Panda is PoPo Pop's favorite, he has is about 4 times a week, he's turned into a panda!

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