Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snofie did not have school again today. It was really cold this morning but it sort of warmed up in the afternoon. Last night PoPo Pop got a call for an estimate on having the dry wall done in the basement. He told the guy that he had attempted to mud and tape it himself but it didn't go too well. The guy told him that it is a lot harder than it looks. He said they fix stuff like this all the time and told PoPo Pop that it would only be $100. That sounded great to us. The guy and his friend came out this morning, Daniel and Conception, and when they saw the drywall they said it would be $140 instead of $100 because it was really bad. Poor PoPo Pop. Tim said he should have said his mother did it. You should see it, it looks beautiful, all even and smooth. I think PoPo Pop is excited to be so close to completion on his new room. When we get our tax return money he is going to have the carpet done and then all that will be left is painting. Snofie and I are excited to move into our new play room. PoPo Pop thinks it's funny that we are making all kind of plans and he isn't even moved out yet. We go into his room, sit on the floor and discuss what we want to do. We picked out our colors for the wall. The carpet is maroon and we can't change that so we found a great butter yellow and rich pink to paint with. The colors are based off of these great curtains we found at Wal Mart. The window in the room is in the corner and the closet is right next to it on the adjacent wall so we want to curtain the window and the closet instead of doors. Kelly had something like this in her old house so I'll have to ask her how she did it. We are so excited!

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