Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snofie: My dog (stuffed) swallowed a shoe.
Me: Remember when you swallowed the Polly Pocket shoe... laugh... laugh...
Snofie: Mom, it's still not funny!
Me: Yes it is... laugh... laugh...
Snofie: ...cough... I can still feel it, it's like stuck in my throat... cough...
(She swallowed the shoe about 6 months ago.)

Kiss my grits... when was the last time you heard that phrase? Jeff sent a nasty email to Ron and Ron was all set to fire an equally nasty email back when Carla stopped him. The first line of Ron's reply was: Kiss my grits! I can't stop laughing! He had a few other good ones in there too... about Jeff doing a job any blue collar maintenance worker could do and how Jeff has no idea what real sales people do. Oh, it was so good. I wish Carla hadn't walked around the corner until after Ron hit the send button.

Snofie and I have been so into watching the Nora Roberts movies on Lifetime: Angel Falls, Montana Skies, Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon. We watched the last one tonight, it was so good. I love sharing times like these with Snofie.

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