Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We had a nice Valentine's Day. (Well, except for PoPo Pop staying home from work with a migraine.) When we woke up Snofie and I found the kitchen table full of flowers, cards and chocolates. Roses for me and carnations for Snofie. It was the first time she has received flowers and she was thrilled. We are NOT sharing our chocolates either!

We met Kelly, Tim and the kids at Skyline for kids night. Kelly and I both brought cookies for Ciera and James. It was the perfect day to do so because they had a CEO and all the managers in there so it looked really good, look how much we love our Skyline servers. At the end of the meal Snofie got mad at me because I wouldn't let her order ice cream.
Snofie: Please, I haven't had ice cream since like December.
Me: You just had 2 frosted cookies, a red velvet cupcake, oreos and a lolly pop, NO NO NO you may not have ice cream!
Snofie: sniffle... cry... sniffle
Me: 2 choices here kid. 1. sit down and shut up and no ice cream or 2. we go home now and no ice cream.
I know, I am probably committing some huge mommy sin by telling her to shut up but hey, I wasn't drinking when I said it. And again now by letting her sit next to me and read over my shoulder while I type...

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