Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Schools were closed again today because of all the ice. The news said our county was under a level 2 snow emergency where you shouldn't drive if you don't have to. I called Lynn and she said she wasn't going in to work so I decided not to go in either. But when I called in to work Kim said the roads were fine so I decided to go in. The roads were not fine. They were a sheet of ice with snow blowing over them along with big chunks of frozen stuff that fell off of cars. It was a mess. Ellen said that Kim had told her the same thing and she was a little mad too that she had ventured out. So, it was a typical day where I got into it with Ron and defended Jeff. Well, I will never defend Jeff again because he made me so mad today that I actually cried:
Jeff: Where's Beth?
Me: The schools are closed and the roads are really bad so maybe that's why she's not here.
Jeff: Must be nice to be able to take a day off because of the weather... no one ever considers the weather when they schedule my trips... I go out and work my butt off in all kinds of weather...
Me: .....
Jeff: Like next week...
Me: Um, you're going to Florida next week.
Jeff: Yeah, but through Charlotte, NC... no one ever considers me when they book flights... no, it's what ever is the cheapest.
Me: I do consider you when I book your flights but I have to have the flights approved by Carla before I book them.
Jeff: I'm sick of this shit... somethings got to change... I shouldn't be subjected to this shit week after week...
Me: (What the hell is he bitching about?) Jeff, if you have a specific issue you need to speak to Carla about it, you know she will do what ever she can to meet your needs.
Jeff: And is my trip going to be done by Friday?
Me: Um... yeah, you leave Monday so, yeah, it has to be done on Friday.
Jeff: Nobody ever thinks about me an has the trip done early, no, no one ever considers me.
Me: I will have it done as soon as Ron confirms the last two appointments.
Jeff: Oh, well if it's a bunch of stop-bys for Ron he can forget about it, I'm not doing his work for him.
Me: ....
Jeff: He had to fill every bit of the trip this week with his shit... I've been to Toronto General before but no, I have to go back to do his work for him...
Me: Actually the customer called in and requested that you come by and look over their units, so this is at the customer's request.
Jeff: No, he needs to tell them no.
Me: ...
Jeff: I certainly hope they are charging them for this.
Me: ...
Jeff: And the directions are wrong, the unit is in the basement not on the 11th floor.
Me: No, I was standing right there when Diane gave Ron the directions for you to come to the 11th floor so that is absolutely correct.
Jeff: Well, it's wrong just like the information you gave me for Racheal's account. The move is in 2011 not 2008... there she goes again giving me misinformation.
Me: I doubt Racheal would make that up and I doubt Racheal would have any reason to question something like that that her customer told her.
Jeff: Well I am sick of this... some things have to change.
Me: Fine, talk to Carla.
Jeff: Well, if that's the way you are going to be then I won't talk to you about any of this anymore and you just have a really nice day! (Click)

Oh my god, he hung up on me! I listen to him bitch and complain and moan and groan day after day about the same stuff over and over again and he has the nerve to hang up on me! I listen to him basically say the we all are incompetent, me included and he expects me to look forward to talking to him. Well, no I do not like being emotionally dragged down into the same gutter he feeds out of. He is never satisfied with anything. He bitches about Ron but won't say anything directly to Ron. He complains about Ellen but not to Ellen about what she does that makes him annoyed. I now he must complain to someone about me well, hello, tell me, I'm the one who plans his trips. His trips so they should be the way he wants them but no, he won't say anything to me... just complain complain complain. It gets really old really fast. Let's see if I continue to book him anything special when it comes to car rentals or hotel reservations.

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