Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Today I am feeling so thankful that when I book flights each week for Jeff that he is NOT in the office, standing over my shoulder, hovering. Today I had to book a flight for Ron and one for Ellen. Having to book flights for anyone other than Jeff only happens twice a year and thank god. Ron complained about the layovers, why were they so long and why did they have to go through that particular airport. Well, when you are working on a budget that the company says you have to stick within you can't choose direct flights. Then I booked Ellen's flight. She stood over me while I typed everything in. "Do you want an aisle or a window?" "Aisle." I entered that and went on tho the next screen. "OH wait, no a window." I went back to the previous screen and reentered it as a window seat. "Are you sure?" "Yes." About 3 screens later she says, "Wait, change it back to an aisle." "Are you serious?" "Yes." "I'll have to reenter all the credit card info and bill to info if you make me change it so, no." "Please, Kate, please, do it now, please." Oh my god, I am so thankful to usually not have someone hanging over my shoulder.

Snofie didn't have school again today and PoPo Pop stayed home to. I love when Snofie has a day off from school because she emails me at work. It totally brightens my day. After work I picked Snofie and PoPo Pop up and we went to Wal Mart for some grocery shopping. When we went in it was just cold but 45 minutes later when we came out everything was covered in snow and it was still coming down in a big way. I wonder if there will be school tomorrow?

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